Caution! A gruesome cigarette monster is prowling around your favourite content and video game! If this nasty, smelly giant gets hold of you, the consequences will be dire … and maybe even deadly.
Because like cigarettes, Smokezilla is made of smelly substances and chemical goo, which make you ugly and ruin your health. His powers are enormous and you won’t get rid of him easily! That’s why we say RIP against smoking and take on Smokezilla and the cigarette!

Click on the boxes and discover the monster:


Have you noticed that Smokezilla’s skin is covered in dark spots? This is due to the metal arsenic. When you have too much of this toxic substance in your body, you get dark spots on your skin. Arsenic is not only in cigarettes, it is also used in rat poison. Ew!
The cigarette monster also contains nicotine, just like cigarettes. Nicotine narrows blood vessels, allowing less oxygen and important nutrients to be transported through the body. This makes the monster’s skin grey and pale. In addition, nicotine is extremely addictive. Did you know that nicotine can also cause poisoning if you get too much of it into your body?

Don’t bump into Smokezilla, that’s the fastest way to lose your health yourself!


Wow, the monster is glowing! Beware of these blue-green rays, because if they hit you, your health will go down fast! This is due to the radioactive substance polonium, which is also found in cigarettes . Radioactive substances are carcinogenic. If you ingest a lot of polonium, you really get poisoned. And your hair will fall out too.

When Smokezilla has taken enough damage, he does his super attack! Quickly help your team mate get up if that happens!


Do you think feet are dirty? Then you will definitely find Smokezilla’s feet hideous! Because they are made of dark, sticky tar, a substance also found in cigarette smoke. Tar settles in the lungs and is one of the main causes of cancer.

Are you fighting Smokezilla in Fortnite? Then make sure you don’t get stuck in the dark tar of his feet. Because they are so sticky you can’t move any further. Just like cigarettes ruin your fitness!

Beware when Smokezilla stamps his feet, the substances he releases around him do a lot of damage!


At the extremities of his hands, Smokezilla has burning cigarette fingers, which he can light himself. Indeed, just like in cigarettes, there is butane in the body of the cigarette monster.  This substance is also found in lighter fluid and is very harmful to your health!

Pay attention during combat in Fortnite, as Smokezilla can attack you with his burning fingers! Also, definitely avoid the smoke coming from cigarettes, as it can affect your eyes and cause you to not see properly for quite some time.

Stay far away from Smokezilla, or he will hit you with his cigarette fingers!


Those who smoke lose a lot of money buying cigarettes. Therefore, the cigarette monster can attract and steal your money with his magnetic belly.

How? His filthy belly contains nickel, the metal from which magnets are made. In fact, this substance is also found in cigarettes. So hold on to your money, or Smokezilla will run off with it!

Make sure you always stay healthy so that a surprise attack doesn’t knock you out right away!


Have you had a good look between Smokezilla’s ribs? The tar in cigarette smoke turns his lungs completely black! Just like the lungs of someone who has smoked for a long time. Nasty!

Beware if Smokezilla puts his hands together, he’s going to launch an attack on you!


Did you know that a lot of harmful substances in cigarettes can irritate your eyes ? Think phenol, ammonia and nitric oxide. This makes you more likely to suffer from serious eye diseases, such as cataracts. You can also see this in the monster’s white, glassy eyes!

Smokezilla always looks for the nearest person to attack, run away to lose his attention!


A pearly white smile, not somethiong Smokezilla possesses. On the contrary! In the mouth of this dirty cigarette monster is a row of filthy, yellow teeth. This is due to the nicotine and tar in cigarettes. These harmful substances damage your teeth and cause that dirty, yellow colour.

Dodge smoke that Smokezilla blows at you to take less damage!


What’s in cigarette smoke as well as sewers? Methane! Methane is a greenhouse gas and also contributes to global warming. And that super-harmful substance is also in cigarettes … RIP! Smokezilla therefore always has a dirty sewer dweller on his shoulders: Morris, the rat.